The Waterfowl hunt

A typical day consists of a freshly scouted morning field setup where our scouts have patterned the waterfowl’s movement and use of the ground for days.

An early morning drive to the hunting grounds and setup in the dark alongside our state-of-the-art decoy trailer setup allows for efficient setup ahead of the morning flight. Typically, we target a mix bag geese and duck hunt in the morning with a high success rate.

After the morning hunt, we head back to the lodge for a nice brunch and rest. Guests can participate in afternoon trap shooting practice or relax ahead of the evening hunt.

In the late afternoon, we head out to another freshly scouted field or pothole to finish off the remaining limit of ducks or afternoon snow geese. Once the sun goes down, we pack up and head back to the lodge for a warm home cooked meal.

Guests can enjoy an outdoor fire under the Northern Lights ahead of another great day of hunting in the morning.

The prairie pothole region gives resident and migratory waterfowl species ample opportunity to rest and feed during their fall migration through our hunting grounds.